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With President Tao, let’s wake France up and enlighten the world! 2022 French presidential election

Welcome to the site of Yun Tao, candidate in the 2022 French presidential election
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Yun Tao, in Chinese (táo yūn)

Born in Shanghai, China, October 11, 1974

Intellectual and politician, specialist in secularism, democracy, diplomacy, economy and culture.

Arrived in France on December 23, 2007


2016 to present: Writer

2015-2017 EHESS PhD student in History (suspended)

2013-2015 EHESS Master 1-2 Political Studies

2012-2013 University of Auvergne Master 1 Contemporary world: public careers

2011-2012 University of Auvergne IPAG Preparation for administrative competition A frame

2008-2011 University of Blaise Pascal S.U.E.E Course in French civilization and culture

2003 - 2007 Head of Communication, Department of Labor and Social Security, Shanghai Municipal Government

1997 - 2003 Media, Internet, and Economic Research Professional

Director of economic research, marketing, investment, journalist, and editor, etc. and Co-Founder of an Internet consulting company (2000-2001)

1993 - 1997 Shanghai Jiao-tong University B.A. in Transport Management

(Served as an elected president at the University Students’ Union 1995-1997)


Personal Activities

Archery, Jogging, Swimming, Fencing, etc.



My Ideal France, June 2019 304p. ISBN 978-2-491198-00-8

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À propos
Yun Tao

candidat à l'élection présidentielle française de 2022, Intellectuel et homme politique, spécialiste de la laïcité, de la démocratie, de diplomatie, d’économie et de culture.
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